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Take care of the little problems outside before they become big problems inside.

Damage to your roof will only be the start of your problems if you delay getting it repaired. As water gets into your property it causes damage to the structure and even internal ceilings, walls and your much valued items within your home.

By having repair work carried out as early as possible you can save thousands of pounds in structural repairs and redecorating your home. Not to mention replacing your goods.

And now, with the MyRoofCare Plan, repair work doesn’t need to be a costly experience either.

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of repair work each year


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The MyRoofCare Plan

The My RoofCare Plan has been created by DMG Roofing and Building Ltd as a result of our many years experience working on major roof repairs and replacements. Each year we see hundreds of customers replacing roofs or conducting extensive repairs due to a lack of maintenance on the original product. We have created the My RoofCare Plan to help you keep on top of the little faults before they become a major issue. For a small monthly fee of just £12.99 you will receive two gutter cleans each year with your annual health inspections + up to £500 worth of repairs every year which will include, replacing Damaged:

  • Tiles
  • Slates
  • Ridges
  • Verges
  • Felt
  • Gutters
  • Vents

Choosing a roofer

It can be hard to choose a roofer as there is so much riding on making the right decision. After all, you are putting your most valuable possession (your home) in their hands. Luckily there are lots of fantastic and credible roofers in the UK and DMG Roofing and Building are one of the most experienced and highly recommended companies. You shouldn’t just take our word for it, why not see what our recent customers have had to say by visiting

By taking care of these small problems when they occur you will save yourself thousands of pounds in the long term, and full new roofs will be years in the future. It’s time to take care of your roof.

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How it works

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Joining is easy. Simply register by clicking the link above. An initial inspection of your roof will then be carried out on your roof. You do not need to present for this. No payment will be taken until we agree that your roof meets the minimum requirements for our plan. 

Following your acceptance onto the MyRoofCare plan you will receive an email notification which will include a secure link to make your first payment. Your monthly instalments will automatically transfer on the same date of each month.

By joining the MyRoofCare plan you agree to our terms and conditions.


Maintenance Inspections

Your property will be scheduled for 2 six monthly maintenance inspections. If, during these inspections we identify any issues you will be notified immediately. The cost of which will be deducted from your £500 annual repair allowance.


Your Annual Repair Allowance

As previously mentioned, you begin the MyRoofCare Plan with a £500 repair allowance for your roof each year.  From this, the cost of any repair work carried out on your roof will be deducted. Furthermore, should any repair work exceed this amount you will only be required to pay the amount above your remaining allowance.

Your allowance will automatically reset 365 days after initial sign up, any allowance remaining cannot be carried over to the following year.

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Should you require immediate repair work on your roof please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour support line on 07825177212.

Leighann Shirkie – Coatbridge

“We love that we get two maintenance inspections each year, we know then that everything is ok with our roof and any minor repairs are conducted, free of charge there and then to prevent any further damage.”

Kirsty Hughes – Glasgow

“This plan has been amazing for me. After having a terrible experience with my roof last year I decided to join this plan for peace of mind. I wish I had joined sooner!”

Yvonne Torley – Glasgow

“Thank you for this low cost monthly plan, maintaining your roof is so important if you don’t want large unexpected costs to occur after years of neglect.”

Sarah Tait – Livingston

“We joined the My Roof Care Plan from DMG and we love it. It has provided us with peace of mind knowing that no big issues are underlying with our roof.”

Christina Riddell – Airdrie

“A great package from a great company, providing us with peace of mind in our family home.”

Dianne McGlone – Glenboig

“The roof is probably the most costly repairs you could ever have done on your property, and sometimes it can be as simple as correcting a minor problem before it gets much bigger. This plan does just that, and DMG are out twice every year incase something occurs without you knowing.”

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