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With the MyRoofCare® Plan, repair work doesn’t need to be a costly experience.

How it Works

Take care of the little problems outside before they become big problems inside.

Damage to your roof will only be the start of your problems if you delay getting it repaired. As water gets into your property it causes damage to the structure and even internal ceilings, walls and your much valued items within your home or business. By having repair work carried out as early as possible you can save thousands of pounds on structural repairs and redecorating.

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Why MyRoofCare?

MyRoofCare® is the first of it’s kind, helping you keep on top of the little faults before they become a major issue. For a small monthly fee of just £12.99 domestic properties will receive two gutter cleans & maintenance inspections each year + up to £500 worth of repairs…every year. Repair work includes, replacing Damaged:

 Tiles  Slate  Ridges  Verges  Felt  Gutters

Roof Care Packages


Per Month
  • 2 Annual Maintenance Inspections
  • 2 Annual Gutter Cleans
  • £500 annual repair allowance
  • Survey Reports
  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Full roof coverage


Per Month
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections
  • Annual Gutter Cleans
  • Agreed Annual repair allowance
  • Survey Reports
  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Full roof coverage

*Minimum 12 month contract applies

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